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  • Below you will find music available from the earliest recordings of Magus Anton Szandor Lavey to the latest compositions of Magus Peter H. Gilmore. Most will include links for purchase.The original releases were: Strange Music (10), Satan Takes a
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  • Aside from writing for the Laughing Devil Gazette I am also the founder of the Church of the Third Eye. We are a spiritual group focusing on psychedelic spirituality. This piece which follows I wrote to introduce the concept. You can find out more at
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  • A recent musical discovery for me has been West Midlands-based doom metal outfit Alunah , via their latest album “Solennial”. The band was formed in 2006 by vocalist Sophie Day along with her husband David Day (guitars), Jake Mason (drums)
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  • In “ The Devil’s Notebook ” Church of Satan founder Anton La Vey relates the curious life-story of the little-known Portuguese occultist, Fernando de Plancy :“Soon growing to manhood, Fernando and aunt moved to England and
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  • At the Spelunking the Ideosphere blog, theeKultleeder has posted a blog entry entitled “From the Mouths of Madmen” which looks into the wild and wooly world of Jeffrey Deane Turner, promoter of the Tuesday Weld was an Illuminati High
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  • So it is eighteen years, Helena, since we met! A season so endears, Nor you nor I forget The fresh young faces that once clove In that most fiery dawn of love.We wandered to and fro, Who knew not how to woo, Those eighteen years ago, Sweetheart,
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