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The wandering trails - Wandering Trails

If you do not see what you are looking for or if you would like to add a twist to our already established services, please give us a call at our office.  We just might be open to your idea.

Our instructor, Misty D. Beard, is CHA certified Level 3 english and western style. She offers private lessons starting at $55 per hour. Packages are available, as well as group lessons starting at $45 per hour. For group lessons a package deal is $40 per hour for 12 weeks, paid up front ($480). Ground lessons are available with the pricing as riding lessons. Misty also offers driving lessons starting at $65 per hour and goes up from there. Please call Misty at Wandering Trails, 561-622-8130.

We offer summer riding camp as well as mini-camps during spring break and winter holidays. Children of all ages will enjoy grooming horses, trail rides, hayrides, games on horseback, fort building and many other activities with horses. Please click on the lnk below for detailed information regarding camps. After reviewing the PDF document, please call the stable if you have any questons. (note: dates will vary from year to year).