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Hiroshi yamamoto's nihonga world hiroshi yamamoto's sumi-e world book 1 - Hiroshi Yamamoto - Professor - Aoyama Gakuin University.

I have a long backlog of book blogging to do, but I had to jump and do the back of the queue first.  Every once in a while I read a book that is so thought provoking and moving to me that I have to write about it right away while the multitude of ideas are fresh in my mind. That book for me is Hiroshi Yamamoto’s The Stories of Ibis (2006), which I just finished yesterday.

The novel is set in a future in which the human population, and its civilization, has collapsed.  Artificial intelligence, in the form of androids and robots, is now the dominant intelligence on the planet, with its own massive cities, technology, and civilization.  Humanity scrounges a living in small communities around the world, making regular raids of android supply trucks and warehouses for needed supplies.  They have never forgiven the AI for rebelling against them in the distant, almost legendary, past.

In this society, some people make their living as wandering storytellers, sharing fictional and non-fictional tales of humanity’s lost glory as they travel from village to village. On a journey, one such storyteller is intercepted and basically captured by a beautiful and powerful android named Ibis.  The Storyteller, like all humans, has grown up being warned not to listen to evil AI propaganda, but Ibis has another idea: she would like to tell the Storyteller some stories.