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Us army, technical manual, tm 55-1925-292-14p, firefighting, fire alarm, and fire suppression system - United States War Dept/Dept of the Army Tech Manual.

Military manuals are several series of official publications intended to be instructive and informative. They were produced by all the branches of service, but are generally called Army manuals. Using a phrase which appeared in many, they were “published for the information and guidance of all concerned.”

During the 1940s, military manuals were approved by the Chief of Staff and authenticated by the Adjutant General. Field Manual FM 21-6, List and Index of War Department Publications, is a detailed list of the manuals that were available. Many editions of FM 21-6 were published during the 1940s and can be used to identify manual titles and numbers. The Library of Congress does not have a complete set of FM 21-6. Those editions identified are listed further in this document under the section “INDEXES,” “Field Manual FM 21-6, List and Index of War Department Publications. ”

Because the items do not generally have individual bibliographic records it has been difficult in the past for the researcher interested in locating these older titles to identify what the Library of Congress has available. This inventory attempts to reveal the depth and breadth of the collection available to the researcher.