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My first book of baseball: a rookie book: most everything explained about the game a sports illustrat - My First Book Club

A photo essay about speaking, Dan Rather, and a barren stretch of desert 40 miles outside of Las Vegas where I go to die for a few hours every chance I get.

"As for your feedback from your presentation to our third-year students: ‘EXCELLENT!’, ‘AWESOME!’, ‘GAINED ANOTHER HERO TODAY!’ and ‘HANDS DOWN BEST PRESENTER EVER!’ sums up what the evaluations said. You received a 5 out of 5 rating. Outstanding, Andy. Seriously, you wow’d the crowd. Thank you."

“I saw Andy Janning speak at an joint event for CUNA and the American Association of Credit Union Leagues. I thought he was brilliant, touching, vulnerable, and drove home very important points for life and work. We invited him to speak at our annual credit union league convention in Georgia as our closing keynote speaker. Andy did an incredible job and truly touched the lives of our meeting attendees, who said things like 'Andy was one of the best speakers ever!' 'Have him again. Wonderful!' 'Very inspira-tional!' and 'What a stunning lesson for us to apply in our lives!'